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A Rose Grows in the Wilderness: Pilot Program of Hope in Africa.

Matumaini means 'hope', in Kiswahili. And it is at the Matumaini Child Care Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, where The Rose of Education Organization [TREO] has established a literacy pilot program that we have high hopes for.

The program is called, REAAL NAMES.
Reactive Executables: Acronyms, Algorithms and Linguistics [REAAL] - Neural Application Modular Exercises: Story [NAMES], is a game-edu-tech literacy application prototype to help improve vocabulary and language skills. Simple yet challenging concept: turn your name into an acronym and using the letters, in order, create a list of words or descriptive sentence. Repeat.

As a tool for helping teach English to speakers of other languages (ESOL), the video demonstrates how REAAL NAMES may be used:

Video Caption:
Michael Momburi, a Math and Biology Teacher, conducts a literacy and vocabulary class in Kiswahili and English, using the REAAL NAMES Games, at the Matumaini Child Care Kilimanjaro center in Tanzania.

TREO looks to expand the pilot programs in Tanzania, Kenya and Malawi. Please visit the GoFundMe campaign to support the pilot programs and educational games:

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